CAD Data Designing

Design engineering is at the heart of A&I Dream. Our experience with a wide array of technologies gives you a resource to not only designs your product, but to ensure the high quality achieved.

We can empower your ideas and visions with the help of the latest Computer Aided Design services. This includes 3D part modeling, 3D assembly, CAD data designing and modeling and CAD data translation.

CAE Analysis

We offer a range of engineering analysis & Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) services in terms of FEA, CFD an MBD analyses.

We use state of the art techniques, software modeling and simulation tools to analyze each component of the design or product to determine operation or potential failure mechanisms. Our completed engineering analysis provides our customers with not only a complete analysis but also recommendations for improvement to the design or product.

CAD Data Conversion

Using a proven approach, the A&I Dream staff works closely with you to identify your CAD data needs and make cost-efficient conversion decisions. Following the initial analysis of a representative set of data, our staff will assist you in defining custom conversion specifications and then migrate your data into an authoring format of your choice.

Regardless of how specific your constraints and requirements are, our staff will almost certainly find a solution for your project.

Supported by establish company from Japan, Wada Aircraft Technology, it is certain the services provided are in international standard with the high skill staff member ready to take variety tasks.